[ETHNIC] The empty parking lot and yellowing store sign turn out to be a precursor for the floor-to-ceiling boxes that greet you as you enter. And the artificial flower arrangements oddly placed in defunct refrigerated cases. But some hidden gems can be found on the shelves in good need of a Swiffering: 35-ounce containers of red, yellow or green curry paste for only $3.99; a spider skimmer as big as a pie plate; soup spoons perfect for slurping pho. And if you don't feel like schlepping to 82nd Avenue, there's XL rice noodles for only $1.39. However, cheap-looking imports clutter several rows. Should you also need a Buddha statue as big as your head or as small as your thumb, you're in luck. And don't forget your cash—they don't take cards.

Grocery list: Hoisin sauce, a variety of noodles, char siu sauce and coconut milk.