[SUPER-PREMIUM CEYLON] What can you expect from one of the founders of Stash and Tazo teas? The ultimate tea experience. Visiting Steven Smith Teamaker is a delightful education in tea appreciation. Ask for a tea flight and the staff will guide your choices. You'll be encouraged to slurp your tea from a spoon; like wine, the flavors are more pronounced when it's aerated. Try the lovely Bai Mu Dan, a white tea with a delicate, yet complex vegetal flavor. The Brahmin's Choice black tea is redolent of garden earth and petals brushed by a breeze. Sweet Red Nectar herbal blend tastes delicious hot or iced. And the Oregon-peppermint tea bag emits such a lively scent it could be a car freshener. But brew it, too, because the first sip tingles on your tongue. The only problem you'll have in this tea room is narrowing down which flavors to take home.
Grocery list: Loose and bagged full-leaf white, green, oolong, black and herbal teas.