"They drop a nuclear bomb on this planet, Lemmy and cockroaches is all that's gonna survive," gushes a fan of Motörhead bassist Lemmy Kilmister, he of the distinctive muttonchops and "Ace of Spades." Dave Grohl is even more succinct: "He is the baddest motherfucker in the world." The music documentary Lemmy is overcrowded with such character witnesses; it's better when it lounges in Lemmy's L.A. apartment, which also seems likely to support cockroaches. The English mad dog sits here with his son, recounting how John Lennon shagged the boy's mum, and the times father and son switched groupies. From a certain perspective, this is slightly horrific, but Lemmy seems gently content. Clinton Street Theater.

  • Best paired with: Hamm’s.
  • Also showing: The Muppets Take Manhattan (Laurelhurst).