wweek.com readers comment on “Goodbye, Guv” Jan. 5, 2011“

I could suggest where Ted might put that toilet brush, but I suspect that place is already occupied by most of the 'journalists' in Oregon." —truth be told

"'The government we have is too expensive to maintain.'

This is why he won't be remembered as great. He failed to identify the problem of a declining and unstable revenue stream.

Shrink all you want: health care, ed, senior and mental health services, public safety...we'll have the worst social services in the nation, but we still won't have enough revenue without fundamental tax law reform.

Having failed (along with the rest of the DPO) to identify the problem, it isn't surprising he (and the DPO-controlled state house) failed to do anything about it when they had the chance.

California, here we come!" —Steve R.

"Goodbye and good riddance. He failed to use the bully pulpit except to beat up on working people in talks with the elite at the City Club.

Back in 2004, I spent a lot of time down at 232 NE 9th making calls telling people to vote Ted for Gov. We promised them "good jobs, quality schools, affordable health care and safe communities."

Now, four years later, my "good job" is gone, I've exhausted my savings paying for COBRA healthcare premiums and now no longer have ANY access to health care. I am competing with college graduates for jobs that in the past were the ones done by kids in high school.

I am sure the governor is a nice guy, but he has been missing in action, when as governor he could have been a leader during the absolute worst economic crises since the Great Depression. A crisis that has devastated many Oregonians and left us with little hope. —randal davis

"I think Ted is the Oregonian we'd like to be. Friendly, agreeable and able to stick to his guns no matter how unpopular the idea is. I believe Oregonians are an incredibly tough bunch to govern. 'We' still have a Wild West, do-it-ourselves, hopefully-we-are-on-the-right-side-of-God mentality. It was eight blissful years I didn't have to hear about a governor that had bad loans, sexcapades, drugs or special interests. Thank you, Ted. Thanks for your effort and your integrity. —tdincorntown

Editor's note: Look for publisher Richard Meeker's report in the Jan. 19 edition on the $1.1 million-plus raised by WW's Give!Guide for 79 local nonprofits.