If you live in Southeast, there aren't many options for watching Blazers games. And while a sports-minded bar like Blitz is nice, the noise and douchebag factor often make me wish I had just stayed at home and picked up a six-pack from the 7-Eleven down the street. Let me throw another name into the mix: The recently expanded Tennessee Red's (2133 SE 11th Ave., tennesseeredsbbq.com), just down the street from Blitz, is almost like watching the game from your couch; that is, if your roommate spent all day slow-roasting pork over a mesquite barbecue. The Tennessee Red's happy hour goes till 6 pm, which means you can catch road games on a projector with a bunch of senile 'Zers fans while demolishing a plate of ribs ($8 with fries) or two pulled-pork sliders (a steal at $5). Screw flat-screen TVs—barbecue wins this round.