In the '70s, the Muppets represented everything gentle and good in the world. Sure, Miss Piggy threw a punch now and again—but, at the heart of it, the Muppets were friends who got along despite their differences. The Muppet Movie (1979) is the one full-length film that captures that innocent and slyly subversive spirit of the TV series—a show that refused to talk down to kids, but found ways to talk sense into adults.It follows Kermit and Fozzie on their musical journey to Hollywood, where they meet A-list actors (Telly Savalas!) and fight nobly to avoid selling out. Too bad we all know how that fight ended (cough, Muppet Babies!). The Muppet Movie screens as part of The Cort and Fatboy Midnight Movie series on Friday, Jan. 7 at the Bagdad Theater (10:30 pm Fraggle Rock, 11 pm Muppets).

  • Best paired with: McMenamins Ruby.