For years, the Egyptian Room enjoyed consistent patronage from Portland's lesbian community. But as is the case for any business catering to a single demographic, times are tough. Thus, under the same ownership, the E-Room transformed itself into a more accessible iteration now known as Weird Bar (3701 SE Division St., 236-8689, The oversized club boasts three bars in one building, but it struggles to get even one of them right. The bright coat of purple and green paint out front does look pretty "weird," but blinding interior lighting, mediocre drink prices and seldom-used beer pong table will leave most casual visitors feeling a bit alienated. Draft pints of PBR for $1.50 are a nice touch, but they're not enough to make up for the $12 drink specials (however massive they may be). Perhaps years of love and drinking (and love of drinking) will breathe charm and true oddity into this place, but for now, the only "weird" thing about this bar is just how awkward it feels to hang out there.