Too many bars in Portland struggle to find an identity. Often, a new spot can't decide whether it wants to be a neighborhood watering hole or a weekend concert venue. Fortunately, The Saratoga (6910 N Interstate Ave., 572-3024) doesn't have to pick a side—it excels at both. With cheap, stiff drinks ($4 for a tall hot toddy done right); a photo booth; four pinball machines and a sign above the bar announcing that twins (both ordinary and, uh, conjoined) drink for free, the Saratoga is a perfect spot to stop in for a quick pint. The killer is the bar's second side, with a small stage and ample space for bands, DJs and the odd soul-funk dance night. Right now the live music is mostly relegated to Saturday nights (Wow & Flutter plays this week), but the room is big enough that it could—and hopefully will—become a haven for local garage-rock newbies.