Because the money's going to P:ear

And P:ear is a really awesome local nonprofit that helps kids learn to believe in themselves (and maybe rock out a bit in the process).

Because AndAndAnd is awesome

The hotshit local buzz-band ends our compilation with a boozy Christmas story about walking home drunk from a bar. Love it.

Because there's a dog on the cover

Bruce, namely. He's Willamette Week's mascot and a real cute dude.

Because of the lyric

"I was born on Christmas Day/ I don't mind much/ It's only mildly lame/ I was in a Christmas play/ Bathrobe and a towel/ I was allergic to hay" from Incredible Yacht Control's "Allergic to Hay." IYC frontman Bret Vogel is appearing at the disc's release show, Dec. 22 at Mississippi Studios.

Because it's five bucks...

...for 12 great songs from local artists. It's available now at, where you can listen to the whole thing.