1. Xylobook,

$45, handmade by Portland furniture-maker Jonathan Nussbaum and arts press Container Corps from hardwood scraps.

Canoe, 1136 SW Alder St., 889-8545, canoeonline.net.

2. Rug, $58, made from discarded T-shirts by Taryn Boyd of Talking Squid. Also available in gray. Trillium Artisans, 9119 SE Foster Road, 775-7993, trilliumartisans.org; talkingsquid.etsy.com.

3. Robots, $59-$67, made from recycled cardboard and other materials by RIKA, a husband-and-wife design team in Lima, Peru. Tilde, 7919 SE 13th Ave., 234-9600, tildeshop.com.

4. Maak Soap Lab bars, $5, handmade from olive and coconut oil in Portland. Pictured: Sea Bar (luffa, tea tree and eucalyptus) and Doug Bar (fir, cedar and mint). Maaksoaplab.com; Tender Loving Empire, 412 SW 10th Ave., 243-5859; Lizard Lounge, 1323 NW Irving St., 416-7476.

5. Urban farming propaganda posters, $12-$14, by Portland artist Joe Wirtheim. Urban Farm Store, 2100 SE Belmont St., 234-7733, urbanfarmstore.com.

6. Terrarium, $160, from Artemisia's make-your-own-terrarium table. Shippable terrarium kits are also available for $25-$60. Artemisia, 110 SE 28th Ave., 232-8224, artemisiaon28th.com.