Cut & Paste Paper Arts

1924 N Kilpatrick St., 283-8542,

Stickers, ribbon, cardstock. Stamps, ink, vellum. It's craft o'clock any hour at Cut & Paste, and you will leave feeling the itch to scrapbook, collage or giftwrap till the cows come home. Owner Toni Watson will guide you to whatever you need—or even what you don't.

Buy this:

Track-and-field sticker set ($2), Explosion gift-box kit ($7).

Homebrew Exchange

1907 N Kilpatrick St., 286-0343,

It may be a while until we see that sun thing again, so why not start brewing beer? Or maybe cider, kombucha or sake? How about making cheese? Homebrew is here to help, stocked with tools, ingredients, kits and how-to guides. Hello, rainy day activity!

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Big & Easy Bottle Brew kit ($9.50).

Kenton Antiques & Collectibles

8112 N Denver Ave., 285-5077,

A vibrant hodgepodge of stuff new and old, boasting items more substantial than knickknacks. Shopowner Mo knows what she's doing: Books and magazines are deftly organized by category in the back room; fondue pots nestle together; records are finely stacked. Easy to navigate and a reliable selection? A rare antiques shop, indeed.

Buy this:

Vintage fencing rapier ($28), Remington Letter-Riter typewriter ($75).

Eric’s Odditorium

7600 N Interstate Ave., 453-0636,

Neighborhood staple Eric's Odditorium is a fantastic assortment of vintage furniture, '60s duds and various ephemera—yet its days are numbered. Owner Eric Vetter plans to shut the shop for good on Jan. 1, with plans to reopen as a furniture and finishing business. "The saddest thing for me is that the name is so great," says Vetter. "I don't know if folks will want to bring their fancy antiques into a place called 'Eric's Odditorium.'" Whatever Vetter's next incarnation is called, folks will want to bring their antiques to a man who has been honing his craft all his life; a man finally achieving his dream to work with his hands, "be dirty, listen to bad rock music and drink beer all day." His workshop will be open for anyone to watch him in action and his famed pups Bastard and Molotar will continue holding down the fort. Vetter may dedicate a small part of the space to sales, but best come soak up the Odd before it's too late. All items are half off in December in anticipation of the coming reincarnation.

Buy this:

Refinished antique side table ($65), old camera tripod ($25).