Fight The…

Thank you for highlighting the important work of Evan Reeves (

) in your latest edition. Clearly, by creating hours of pointless busy work for a low level processing grunt at the IRS service center in Ogden, and by actually paying MORE money to the government than he originally owed, Reeves has surely done much to prevent future international conflicts.

With misguided, sanctimonious hipsters like Reeves continuing to pour into our city, Carrie Brownstein's new cable show will never want for material.

Andrew Robinson
Southeast Steele Street readers comment on “The Longest Odds”

"I'm part Indian. Several kinds, and more than enough to have reservation rights if I were to go do all of the paperwork.

But I won't, because it would make me ashamed to do so.

I don't have some awesome lot in life—I didn't graduate from college, I have a mediocre job, paycheck to paycheck is a struggle, but I keep my head above water, and support a family with no assistance. But it's ME doing it.…

I'm always disgusted when I drive through the reservations. They aren't in their positions because of the white man. They have every opportunity, far more than the average white man, to be successful and educated and lucrative. They choose not to, because they always have someone else to support them. It's easy to blame a bunch of dead guys for what they did to their own dead relatives. It doesn't solve a damn thing, but boy is it easy!

No one forces anyone to live on a reservation. If they don't want to live in poverty, stop living like you live in a third world country…. Go get an education. Go get a job. There's absolutely ZERO reason that they can't, or shouldn't.

Yeah, it sucks what happened to their people and their civilization generations ago. I'm sure their ancestors would be real proud to see their progeny sitting on [their] ass and demanding handouts for doing absolutely nothing, and then not doing anything responsible with those handouts.

….No one is being murdered, and no one is being forced onto this reservation. This would be like 100 years after the Holocaust, Jews want to go live at Auschwitz." —Molly


A book review of

A Householder’s Guide to the Universe

by Harriet Fasenfest (

) referred to the author's mother as a Holocaust survivor. Her father is a Holocaust survivor; her mother is German.


regrets the error.