If you're gonna risk your life and limbs for discount prices this Black Friday, you might as well do it at Tigard's chichi outdoor mall Bridgeport Village—not only does it boast a Crate & Barrel but this Friday it'll play host to an awesome free cooking class where Lincoln's Jenn Louis, 50 Plates' Patrick Miller and Whole Foods' Matt Talavera will school you on how to turn T-Day leftovers into savory wonders like turkey posole and pasta with cabbage, turkey and nutmeg cream.The event's the latest installment of Flash Kitchen, local foodie Mike Thelin's collaboration with Whole Foods that aims to demystify cooking by randomly setting up mobile kitchens staffed by crazy-talented foodmakers in busy spots around town. The first one, held in September in Director Park, attracted 600 hungry people. The Black Friday edition? "We're expecting 1,200 people," Thelin says. Now that's a holiday party.

Event takes place in Bridgeport Village’s Center Court. Noon-1 pm Friday, Nov. 26. Whole Foods will donate a buck to Ecotrust’s Farm to School program for every person who attends Flash Kitchen. Bridgeport Village, 7455 SW Bridgeport Road, 968-1704. Free.