On Saturday, Biz Markie and Rev. Shines helped rechristen the expanded Branx (320 SE 2nd Ave., myspace.com/branxpdx), former home of Meow Meow and Loveland. While the show probably wasn't the most indicative of Branx's future identity as a punk and metal club for the all-ages set—Biz's DJ gig was 21+ and packed with Nike employees doing the Humpty Dance—it did provide a preview of the remodeled space and its (nice) sound system. There are a few new walls, mainly to keep clear distinctions between the barebones bar area—prime real estate at shows—and the all-ages side. There's also a Food Hole-looking burger-'n'-fries shack whose menu will expand in early December. Aside from those changes, Branx feels, as did its predecessors, like a windowless, brick-walled batcave. Which is exactly how it should feel.