The neighborhood bar is an ever-evolving concept. Some new establishments stockpile flat-screen TVs and poker machines, while the established watering holes try to hook a following without quite so many bells and whistles. The Free House Bar (1325 NE Fremont St., 331-2000), despite two discreetly placed televisions, feels like a cross between the dining hall at a Buddhist monastery and an Alberta Street art gallery. Everything—save for the urban/psychedelic art on the wall—is lovingly crafted woodwork and wide open spaces. Long communal tables facilitate conversations that echo up to the high ceilings, while cheap drinks (lots of $5 cocktails; delicious $4 Bayern Pilseners on draft; $2 cans of PBR and Old German), sandwiches and board games keep this classy joint informal enough to kick back in. Who needs Golden Tee?