wweek.com Readers Speak On… “Mock Star”

"The only people who will get offended are the tools and losers who are representative of what she is talking about, and they need to be offended.

I totally agree with her and she is spot on.

I have been here 20 years and have seen all this bullshit spring up as tools from California, New York etc. moved here and decided to tell us what the way of life should be. Everyone I meet is a musician, fashion designer or artist. No one appears to either have nor want regular job.

Don’t get me started on the feminization of men, the passive-aggressive crap or the gaunt, tatted-up zombies I see at New Seasons.

There are good things here, but I wish some one would just take this all away."


"Yeah. It's amusing when some of those Cali types get on their high social media and order Portland to grow up!

Usually because Cali overdressed on a date for something at The Keller and all the jeans scared them, or they don't get that some restaurants in town choose not to take reservations, and it ushers them straight into a bout of sun-bereft madness." —Fanny

"If you want some material for the show, check out Backspace. Awesome coffee and staff and normally great art, but some of the pieces on display right now are almost vulgar in their self-satisfaction, and exactly what you'd get if you could find 40 adults still interested in 5th-grade craft projects. There are at least 8 episodes just sitting there half-written. " —Asa

"Why is it that whenever someone does any kind of funny slam, it becomes a pissing match about how f'd up another place is...like oh NYC sucks, and CAs are a-holes...I find this pea-brain mentality, well, pea-brainish. Everywhere has its share of gems and douches. How do you think CA felt when the whole world decided to take over their paradise years ago? Thank God they're not walking around pissed off all day!" —Liz G

"As a longtime Portlander, I thought this article was hilarious. Also hilarious that the comments instantly devolved into wild defensiveness and California-bashing. How Portland. Looking forward to the show." —LG

I thought the article title ("Mock Star") of this story on Brownstein was dead-on. The named-after-a-freeway-exit band sounds like a nail file pulled across a chalkboard while a histrionic teen wails about angsty peer misunderstanding. Now dragged kicking and screaming into adulthood and staring down 40, Brownstein makes the same observations that real people make, like—whoa, those tattooed hipster fucks with new children look stupid, and what were we all thinking? —Waaaah, My Angst is So Important