The Alibi is possibly the city's most popular karaoke joint, and that's saying a lot in a town endlessly infatuated with the public slaughter of Billy Joel's catalog. As such, Alibi has some of the longest waits for songs. That would be a bummer if the cavernous place weren't entertaining enough on its own. A bar so tiki'd it looks like a Jimmy Buffet acid freakout, Alibi is home to lottery-addicted locals and sidewalk makeout sessions between crisscrossing bachelor and bachelorette parties whose collective breath reeks of bad kalua pork from the occasional free buffet. Put in a song, grab a tropical drink and enjoy the circus. AP KRYZA.
What to drink: A fruity Singapore sling that tastes like it could double as a Molotov cocktail.
Happy hour: $2 PBR and Coors Light, rotating cocktail specials, cheap food 3-7 pm Monday-Friday and 11 am-7 pm Saturday-Sunday.
Entertainment: Karaoke, jukebox, video poker, TV.