Sure, you will find sports bars in Portland with fancier TVs and sexier patrons. The folks who frequent Claudia's don't give a shit. Claudia's is the best sports bar in Portland for many reasons: The high-backed leather chairs in the front row that make you feel like a king watching college football on a Saturday at noon; the no-frills "Boss Burger" ($6.75) that cures any drunken craving; the standing-room-only guarantee for any Blazers playoff game. Every year it seems like more new, hip sports bars open, but at the end of the day, there's only one place I want to go when the game is really close. MICHAEL MANNHEIMER.
What to drink: A pitcher—or two—of Miller High Life.
Happy hour: $4 appetizers 2-5 pm and 9 pm-close Monday-Friday.
Entertainment: Sports, TV, pool, video poker, poker nights.