This bright and burnished space is not ideal for the cave-dwelling career drinker—existential grief only blossoms in darkness—but it's a fantastic venue for some callow youngster's 21st birthday party. Ducketts is everything you wanted a bar to be before you could go to bars: Jell-O shots ($1) for shooting, Oly tallboys ($2) for slamming, pizza pockets ($2) for munching, pinball machines for tilting and "Holiday in Cambodia" on the jukebox to soundtrack the inevitable wet heaving. Welcome to the vicious cycle, kid. CHRIS STAMM.
What to drink: PBR and Rainier pitchers.
Happy hour: $2 wells, 50 cents off drafts 4-9 pm daily.
Entertainment: Pool, pinball, pingpong, jukebox, TVs.