Undeterred by the minor neighborhood controversy sparked by some impolite signage a few years ago, the Florida Room has refused to mellow in its adolescence. This den of vice is, if anything, even more unapologetically committed to threatening what is left of your health: sinisterly crispy Tater Tots ($3), requisite swill ($1 Old Germans) and tonier mixed drinks like the toddy-esque Cure All ($5.50) are best enjoyed on the front patio, where you will enjoy a pack of cigarettes whether you smoke or not. Go take a yoga class if self-improvement's your bag—the rest of us have appetites for destruction. CHRIS STAMM.
What to drink: Old German.
Happy hour: Fifty cents off draft and well, $3-$4 food 3-7 pm daily.
Entertainment: Pinball, pool table, photo booth, trivia, jukebox, board games.