Despite being on sidewalk level with West Burnside Street, the Matador has always felt to me like it was located at least 6 feet underground. This atmosphere of Hell's Lobby may have been due to the blacked-out windows, or the time I ended up watching most of Shakes the Clown muted on one of the TVs, but it's probably because every time I've entered the premises, I've been blotto. The other night, I chanced to walk in sober, and wouldn't you know—it's a perfectly nice place. There's even a great big midway-style sign with the bar's name written in a rainbow of light bulbs. Still, most people probably experience the Matador in an inebriated condition, judging from the photo booth with an entire wall dedicated to women who have exposed their breasts and left the pictures behind. It is a staggering amount of women. AARON MESH.  
What to drink: The electric sign above the bar suggests warm spiced wine, but I'd stick to the shot of Old Crow.
Happy hour: $1 PBR and $3.50 well drinks noon-7 pm daily.
Entertainment: Pool, pinball, TV, Pop-A-Shot, an electronically scored boxing bag.