Contrary to what its name suggests, Maui's is not a tiki bar. Yes, there are cheap painted murals of dolphins jumping over a rainbow and a picturesque waterfall, but this is not the type of place that serves you a cocktail with an umbrella in it. Instead, the bartenders at Maui's mix what might be the most potent well drinks in town, if you play your cards right (i.e., show up with women), and it offers free pool and Nintendo Wii. The large, industrial-concrete space isn't very aesthetically appealing, but that's not really the point: Maui's isn't an island oasis so much as a nice neighborhood dive where you can get wasted and destroy your friends at Wii tennis for just a few bucks. MICHAEL MANNHEIMER.
What to drink: Cheap beer or a couple generous whiskey gingers.
Happy hour: $1 PBR, $2.25 well drinks, $3 microbrews 4-7 pm Monday-Friday.
Entertainment: Nintendo Wii, pool, pingpong, sports, Pirates of the Caribbean pinball machine.