The theme of this classy Nob Hill joint from the owners of Paddy's is a loose amalgamation of international travel (customers' vacation snaps surround a map on one wall) and unpopular sports (framed rugby and soccer jerseys adorn another), but the atmosphere is all romance; a quick survey of the bar on a recent Wednesday evening turned up eight couples on dates. And why not? The food is pretty good, easy to share and just spendy enough that you won't seem like a cheapskate (an enormous bowl of mussels and fries runs $15); the marble bar and warm lights lend an air of anticipation; and the place is noisy enough that lulls in conversation don't seem awkward. Also, you can drink beer from a glass the size and shape of a riding boot. BEN WATERHOUSE.
What to drink: Belgian beers in appropriate glassware.
Happy hour: $3.50 Pilsner pints, $4 well drinks, $5 margaritas and $3-$6 food 4-6 pm nightly, all night Monday, 10 pm-midnight Wednesday.
Entertainment: TV with football, rugby and soccer. Heated, covered patio. Travel photos.