As far as Irish pubs go, Paddy's isn't much craic: Most of the beer is American, the TV plays Blazers games, the menu is about as Irish as Taco Bell, and it holds an annual Robbie Burns Supper; never mind Burns was a Scot. But what makes Paddy's special isn't its tenuous Irish theme, but rather its giant wall of booze—seven long glass shelves, stacked to the ceiling with premium liquor. Risking altitude sickness and a nasty fall, the bartenders deftly scale a rather shaky wooden ladder to retrieve bottles containing whiskey that is older than most of the patrons, bringing new meaning to the term "top shelf." RUTH BROWN.
What to drink: Guinness if you're skint, or splurge on a 21-year-old Bushmills single malt.
Happy hour: $3.50 Pilsner pints, $5 well drinks, $3 domestic bottled beer, $3-$6 food 4-7 pm and 10 pm-close daily.
Entertainment: Live music; traditional Scottish haggis suppers, apparently.