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January 25th, 2011 7:52 pm BEN WATERHOUSE | Bar Guide

Drink 2011: Reel M'Inn


Cheap beer, nice regulars and the best fried chicken in the known universe—is there anything more you could possibly ask from a bar? It may take a while to show up, but a plate of Reel M’ Inn’s chicken and jojos is worth the wait; take in the chalked graffiti, neon and assorted taxidermy. A measly $7.75 gets you three fist-sized hunks of juicy bird flesh with crisp brown breading and four potato halves, battered and fried to a mouth-scorching crunch. When you’ve licked every last salty crumb, order another round of beers, throw some Sam Cooke on the juke and feel the grease start to seep out your pores. Life is good. BEN WATERHOUSE.
What to drink: Three or four Sessions, with chicken.
Happy hour: Specials vary.
Entertainment: Internet jukebox, pool, Big Buck Safari, four TVs.

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