When people complain that Portland is under a siege from skinny jeans, this is what they're whining about: a pub with no name above the door, kids in headbands playing pingpong on the sprawling back deck, and bartenders more beautiful with a hangover than you were on the best day of your life. But Rontoms is actually one of the city's most changeable nightspots: Depending on the date and the hour, it can be as cavernous and quiet as a church, or packed to capacity with people looking for a lay at last call. Neither is really cause for hatred; order a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup, watch the sunset above the garden planters and maybe you'll feel beautiful enough to meet somebody. AARON MESH.
What to drink: Quaff local, and fancy. Try something with Aviation Gin.
Happy hour: $3 well drinks and $4 food menu 4:30-6:30 pm Monday-Friday.
Entertainment: Patio, fireplace, pingpong.