Saraveza's beer menu is a lengthy son of a bitch. With nine rotating taps and over 250 bottles to choose from, an avid beer drinker could get wasted every day for months and still not taste the entire collection. I won't try to capture the breadth of Saraveza's international selection—just know it has everything, right down to Captured by Porches 22-ounce bottles and the most micro of microbrews on tap. The interior of this cozy beervana is clad in vintage beer signs; any other decor would seem contrived. To top it off, Saraveza's housemade soups and British pasties are perfect for cushioning the beer in your gut. WHITNEY HAWKE.
What to drink: Something you haven't before. Saraveza was made for beerventure.
Happy hour: $1 off drafts 3:30-5:30 pm daily.
Entertainment: TV.