Among the more famous strip clubs in town, Sassy's is also the least "Portlandian" of the city's high-profile nudie joints. Although it employs a few "alt" dancers—one girl with a foot-high mohawk, another who jiggles around the stage while wearing a hat with furry ear-warmers—it doesn't have any sort of hook beyond the naked women. It's pretty much just a strip club, where ladies emerge from behind red curtains, undulate to shitty music, and have dudes with baseball caps cocked to the side toss singles at them like they're in a rap video. And that's actually refreshing—sometimes, all you want is to look at a pair of fake breasts hanging upside down from a pole while listening to Marilyn Manson. MATT SINGER.
What to drink: PBR—save cash for the girls. Your money is helping put their kids through college.
Happy hour: $1.50 PBR, $1.75 other domestic beers, $2 microbrews, $1 off appetizers 11 am-7 pm daily.
Entertainment: Strippers, douchebag-watching, video poker.