Keep that funny coming!

I truly enjoyed a hearty laugh at your acupuncture v. chiropractic article in last week's issue [see "Fighting Over the Needle," WW, Jan. 19, 2011].

Putting aside the fact that acupuncturists (acupuncture has been disproven wholesale as an efficacious means of viable health care and has shown to work no better than a placebo in the management of pain) and chiropractors (chiropractic is a potentially body paralyzing manipulation of ones spinal column in the name of something called "subluxation," another unproven form of "life essence" hogwash) both practice a completely unscientific form of vitalism that for some reason the medical science board in this state takes seriously...but "puncture a lung"? With an acupuncture needle? Are you kidding me? Thanks, Willamette Week, for finally bringing humor to your generally serious rag. Next week perhaps you can run an article about how the elves are mad at the tree fairies for using the same charms in their invisibility incantations. Keep that funny coming.

Adam Raitano
Southeast 52nd Avenue readers comment on... "Hail, hail Portlandia"

"Lighten up, Portland. It's funny because it's true. If you don't think it's funny..well..that's because it's you.

I am looking forward to skits about overly passive drivers, over-hopped beer and women who despite having finished their meal and paid their check will not leave because they know people are waiting (I think it's called being "passive-aggressive"), children on wooden bicycles, hipsters living with rednecks, selling bars of gold to shop at New Seasons, art that's not art which makes it art, Apizza Scholls, Hawthorne's multitude of guys who don't know how to play guitar playing guitar on every corner, driving 100 miles in a Subaru to go bike riding, sun-breaks and ridiculously crappy service in restaurants and bars. Phew!! That should pretty much cover the second season.

Good luck, Portlandia. 'If we can't laugh at ourselves, who can we laugh at?'" —BokChoy

"Can we PLEASE stop saying 'Lighten up Portlanders!!' The fact that it's not funny has nothing to do with the subject matter, or with anyone being offended. Unfunny is just unfunny." —willis

"Critiquing BokChoy.. ;-) "passive drivers"…check. You left out those who never learned the art of merging or those who never use their signals. "Over-hopped beer": True, but hops are healthy and some of us like it. Women who won't true and annoying. Never heard about selling gold to buy health food. Hey wait, Apizza Scholls is some of the best around. Can't stand the lines and hype. I mean, it's pizza. Street troubadors...yeah, some are horrible, but some are pretty good. "Crappy service" AMEN! I walked out of a few places that failed to even acknowledge my presence and did not pay for the beer that I eventually got after 20 minutes in other places. You left out overrated high-end restaurants." —tTt