If you want a glimpse of Oregon's LSD-lit legend Ken Kesey on the big screen, skip past Milos Forman's cutesy-pie One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest; instead, try Nick Nolte in 1978's Who'll Stop the Rain. Sure, Nolte was probably aping Kerouac's road muse, Neal Cassady, but then so was Kesey, and Nolte's Rain man is the roustabout All-American boy fighting authority with fists, wiles and even a Merry Prankster psychedelic strobe-light show. Michael Moriarty is unnerving as Nolte's pal, a war correspondent who turns to heroin dealing: "In a world where elephants are pursued by flying men, people are just naturally going to want to get high." The best Vietnam movie you've never seen.  Laurelhurst. Presented by Beer and Movie.

  • Best paired with: Lucky Lab Super Dog IPA.
  • Also showing: Tron: Legacy (Academy, Laurelhurst, Kennedy School, Mission, Valley).