Your recent cover photo and headline on Sam Adams ["Sum of Sam," WW, Feb. 16, 2011] made me wonder if I was reading WW or The National Enquirer. While the substance of the article was informative and professional on both sides, the marketing of the piece was strictly geared toward sensational innuendo and mocking criticism. Sam certainly has his personal problems—like we all do—but I found your presentation of the interview to be disturbingly Palinesque in its desire to discredit the man before I even turned the page. I know you need to sell your paper, but this is a sad example of how low media will go to appeal to readers. Are we really that pathetic? Or is it just you?
David Langton
Southwest Bertha Boulevard

Ed. note: See here for updates to this story.

"Do you think it's possible he's a closeted furry fighting to come out?" —Purrgatory

"Congressman Wu has been regarded as a complete joke in Washington by his Democratic colleagues for many years. He was laughed out of Leader Pelosi's office for asking to chair a committee two years ago despite his seniority.

Ask…any of his staffers what they really think of him and then tell me what this says about his district re-electing him so many times. WW, thanks for telling everyone what a fool this man is once he is in place to vote for two more years. —Constituent 

"I recently ran into the Congressman at the Democratic National Committee Headquarters and my sincere hope is that Wu is getting the help he obviously needs in order to make sure that those he was elected to represent are well served." —Rudy Soto

"If there is more to the charges that his behavior has been unstable and erratic, I would like to see that evidence. A few goofy pictures with his kids and some angry outbursts sound like small potatoes compared to the behavior of some other Congressional leaders. (Did he do anything indecent? Is he corrupt? Or is he just too silly for his staff? Some Congressmen have been known for their antics. Why is he being singled out?)

If there are more serious events or if stress has taken its toll, then Wu and his staff need to address this appropriately and not throw tantrums. Jumping ship is not a good response. In any case, Wu would be wise to adopt a more sedate demeanor and get on with his job. —EC

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