Many of the things I loved most as a child have turned out to be terrible. The Kansas City Royals. The Kingston Trio. The Republican Party. Happily, Follow That Bird is not on that list. Sure, it's the Muppet picaresque formula made palatable for '80s tots. But from its opening scenes, it maintains a thread of loss and melancholy—the songs, co-written by Van Dyke Parks, help a lot here—that warns maybe the suburban American Dream is going to be a little disappointing. "I should be happy," Big Bird writes his Sesame Street friends. "What's wrong with me?" Nothing this movie can't salve. Laurelhurst, 9:40 pm nightly, 1:30 pm Saturday-Sunday.

  • Best paired with: New Belgium Blue Paddle Pilsener.
  • Also showing: 127 Hours (Hollywood, Laurelhurst).