wweek.com readers comment on “Strange Wu”, WW Feb 23, 2011

"Why would Democrats exert pressure on Wu to resign? Is WW insinuating that Wu had an affair like [Chris] Lee did? Ugh.

Does WW ever do real journalism? Or do you guys/gals just report opinions and hearsay?…. Are you now owned by your advertisements or what? You're all pathetic." —Chicostix

"I think WW was insinuating that Wu suffers from mental illness and drug addiction like [Patrick] Kennedy did. From your comments, I assume you were just as upset by WW's reporting on the bizarre behavior of Mayor Sam Adam's questionable sexual relationship with an underage boy or senator Bob Packwood's outright lewd behavior with what seemed like half the state's female population.

When an elected official of either party engages in behavior that calls their integrity into question, they themselves are to blame. WW does not appear to have manufactured facts or to have created the emails that came from David Wu. I do not feel WW did this piece to humiliate Mr. Wu. WW is a legitimate and respected journalistic organization and recognizes their responsibility and obligation to the public to report the facts to their readership.

I am not sure that I will be able to support David Wu again in his next campaign. Perhaps if he is more forthcoming about his psychological issues then I will be more sympathetic to him as a person. Currently he appears to be a bit out of control and has placed himself in the unenviable position that so many other politicians have been in the past.

I hate to use the phrase 'fair and balanced,' but that is what I feel WW is acting in the spirit of. Just my $0.02." —Wondering

"I'm not really sure what to make of this article. Is there more you would have said if you didn't fear libel charges?

Everything except staffers quitting and the email exchanges seems odd, but there are plenty of odd people at all levels of the federal government.

My assessment: He's an awkward guy who didn't know how to counterbalance the effect of his pain pills or casually drinking while on them. So, he's a lush that was recently divorced and in a stressful election. All of these in my mind could lead to what you just described.

I remember once hearing an anecdote about how once Grover Cleveland's wife woke him in the middle of the night because she thought there were burglars in the house. Apparently, half asleep, he replied something like, 'Yes, Congress is full of crooks and alcoholics.'

Let's hope he recovers and the next election is about more pressing matters than an adorable 55-year-old Asian man in a tiger suit." —Blonk


CORRECTION: Last week's cover story, "Strange Wu," referred imprecisely to a 1998 campaign tactic by then-rookie candidate David Wu. It was a direct-mail piece, not an ad, that showed a woman's purse filled with credit cards. WW regrets the error.

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