It's a ballsy move, declaring your biscuits and gravy the best in Portland right there on the menu. But when the plate arrives, it's hard to argue against a pair of fluffy sweet potato biscuits drowning in rosemary-sausage gravy and topped, just for the hell of it, with thin slices of pork loin. At this small cafe across the street from the Mount Scott Community Center, the brunch selections are the standout. Its signature dish, as featured on Food Network's Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, is the Sicilian hash ($10), made from Italian rolled beef and seasoned so richly with peppers, onions and potatoes it made Guy Fieri show the country his O-face. But don't sleep on the lunch items either, which include the Belmont veggie burger ($7) and the Weezie ($6.50), described as "a BLT on steroids."