It's easy to walk past the plain-Jane exterior of this cafe in favor of Southeast Division Street's more eye-catching eateries. Don't. Inside, you'll be rewarded with a deli case brimming with an ever-changing lineup of goodies, all made from fresh, local, organic ingredients. On one visit, it yielded pot pies, garlic kale, miso soup and bread pudding; a week later, it held mac 'n' cheese, arroz con pollo, lasagna and balsamic cherry cheesecakes. Regular tenants include the tasty seasonal frittatas ($6.50) and a rotating array of sandwiches and panini ($7.50)—ours came with roasted mushrooms, thick slices of super-soft Teleme cheese and lemon aioli inside a soft ciabatta roll, and could easily have gone head-to-head with any of the more hyped sandwich shops in town. Cakes, pastries and cookies are also made in-house and the options are equally amorphous—one day croissants, the next brownies—though there's always something vegan and gluten-free.