Every real neighborhood needs a pizza joint. And though Portland is far from replicating New York City's shop-on-every-street-corner scene, Atomic Pizza is a good hangout spot for anyone in the Overlook Village 'hood. Everything about Atomic Pizza has a Portland vibe, from pies named things like "Yellow Line" and "Hwy 99" to the toppings, which range from veggie faves like the "Alberta" (a large pesto, mushroom, artichoke heart and sun-dried tomato pizza for $20.40) to gut-busting meat assaults (the aptly named "Paul Bunyan" stacks four kinds of meat on one slice). Though the shop does takeout pies, it's best to enjoy a slice ($2.95 for cheese, $3.95 for the daily special) and a pint at the cozy bar before heading out for the night.