Vietnamese sandwiches are pretty much the best way for hungry folks to spend $2.50 (and for whatever reason, they always seem to cost $2.50). The ones at Binh Minh, a miniature storefront with fogged-up windows next to a sketchy-looking bar in a tiny strip mall in a hidden corner of Portland, are a notch above average thanks to fresh-baked bread and housemade liver pâté. The house special is your best bet; it's jammed with two kinds of meat and that pâté, plus the standard array of crispy carrots and veggies and, if you like, a couple of peppers. The barbecued pork and the lemongrass-chicken versions tie for second place on the menu. If you're feeling brave, try one of the prepackaged, iridescent-pink-and-green dessert goodies displayed near the register.