Since crossing the river from its original Pearl location, this local vegan favorite has indeed blossomed: The restaurant now offers lunch, dinner and Sunday brunch and has just added a full-service bar and lounge. The cocktails ($8) all tend a little to the sweet side, but are creative and well prepared. It's already the best bar in the area by default. To accompany them is the requisite happy hour (3-6 pm), offering a range of tacos ($3 each or four for $10), personal pizzas ($6) and discounted drinks. The tacos are about as Mexican as Cool Ranch Doritos, but very tasty and deceptively filling. The Thai is a standout, full of spicy soy curls and packing more heat than many actual taqueria tacos in this town. Pizzas are heartier, but less exciting. The marinara came on hard naan bread with a sauce that tasted like canned tomato paste. One thing that hasn't changed: The big swirls of vegan soft serve ($5) are still the best thing on the menu.