The huge floor-to-ceiling chalkboard at Breken Kitchen serves as menu for this breakfast, lunch and happy-hour cafe in Slabtown. Breakfast is simple and good and usually frequented with laptoppers eating Kettleman bagels ($3 with cream cheese) and sipping on Umbria coffee ($1.50-$2.50 cup); lunch frenetic with a long line for counter-service soup/salad/sandwich; and happy hour sleepy. The food is kickass cafe fare with three soups du jour ($3-$5) and really good daily specials like beef pancetta stew over mashers and Italian sausage lasagna. The turkey, avocado and bacon sandwich on como ($8.95) with a Singing Pig greens salad is great. It's even better if you sub a cup of the Yukon gold shiitake soup (add $1.50). Avoid Breken in the late afternoon unless you crave a just-out-of-school romper room—Childpeace Montessori is across the street.