A tasty shot of North and South Indian spice in the unassuming row of restaurants that also includes Mio Sushi and No Fish! Go Fish!, Dwaraka Indian Cuisine's sparse decor and standard-issue Indian lunch buffet belie an extremely tasty, affordable treasure for the tandoori set. Vegetarian and carnivorous options abound, including spicy vindaloos, curries, masalas and saag. Lamb vindaloo ($11.95 a la carte, $14.95 thali-style with curry, dal, sambar, rice, chewy naan, raita and dessert) offers ample spice without esophageal incineration, while appetizers double as a small meal unto themselves, including crispy vegetable or meat samosas ($4.50-$5.50), deep-fried to perfection and loaded with peas, and dosas, crêpelike flour rolls stuffed with curry, lentils and a variety of sauces ($4.50-$5). Everything from the cheeses to the naan is housemade, making the sparse, family-owned restaurant a prime spot without breaking the bank.