Most people know Foti's as "that gyro place on Burnside," but pitas aren't all they do right at this old-school, counter-service Greek deli. The moussaka ($5.50) is a tasty slice of spiced ground beef, lamb and eggplant, topped with béchamel that's great for lunch or dinner. The dolmades plate ($6.95) is a steal with six lamb-and-rice-stuffed grape leaves smothered in lemony avgolemeno sauce and served with sesame bread and jojos. Everything on the menu—gyros ($5.40), souvlaki ($3.75 stick, $6.95 sandwich), fried calamari ($8.95)—is served on paper plates at checkered tablecloth tables. Grab beer and pine-flavored retsina wine to go or in-house from the attached Greek import market. If you like old arcade games, bring quarters for Ms. Pac-Man.