Tucked away behind the Wing Ming herb market, this little joint churns out soups to die for ($7.50, plus 50 cents extra if you order it to go). Regulars keep track of which soups appear on which days—these change, but it's worth following the crabflake noodle soup (banh canh cua) wherever it appears on the calendar. (At press time, it was the Monday special.) The broth is insanely rich and vividly orange, to the point that the quail egg floating in it is tinted pink. (This is a good thing.) Another favorite is the peppery pork ball noodle soup (bun moc), currently served on Wednesdays but also worth chasing if it moves. Tuesdays are sandwiches and coffee only, but every other day of the week is a good bet. Be sure to get to the restaurant before noon if your heart is set on a particular soup, as they do run out occasionally.