Even on a slow Thursday afternoon, when the lone server is busying herself scrubbing salt shakers and kitchen chatter is getting loose and gossipy, Halibut's keeps its customers waiting. But we're talking fish and chips here, so that wait is a welcome one—it portends fries still sizzling from their oil bath and hot strips of Alaskan halibut ($18 for a full order, $10 for half) sporting light, crisp carapaces of flaky batter. The adjoining bar hosts live blues Thursday through Saturday nights, although it is difficult to imagine anything soul stirring occurring within walls so devoted to Oregon Ducks pride. Also, getting drunk in proximity to clam chowder ($6 for a bowl, $12 for a tureen) just seems like an awful idea, so go on a lazy weekday, when the natural light slanting in through the front windows and the happy banter of people not working too hard transforms Halibut's into a land-locked oasis of coastal vacation vibes.