Sushi joints can be frightening for the uninitiated, but the welcoming, family-owned Hama Sushi is perfect for rookies, with a friendly staff that doesn't judge unknowledgeable patrons for stabbing sashimi with chopsticks. A respectable non-sushi menu includes a lunch combo of chicken teriyaki paired with the go-to for casual sushi lovers, California roll ($6.75), as well as bento, donburi and noodle options. For the true warrior, combo platters offer a colorful explosion of raw fish, including the Sushi Combo ($12.95), a massive collection of bite-sized sushi and sashimi that includes spongy river eel, tuna, hamachi, sea bass, surf clam (which resembles fishy Neapolitan ice cream) and more, paired with cloudy miso and tangy sunomono cucumber chunks. Toss in a bottle of dry sake, and Hama is a great crash course for newcomers, a smorgasbord for veterans and a date spot for folks who prefer to scarf sushi without the pressure and spectacle.