Sit at the bar at Hot Pot City because it's more fun. There's no booze, though—the only thing on tap is soda. Chinese hot pot (lunch $8.65; dinner $14.65 adults, $10 kids) is basically cook your own damn soup. Choose a boil-at-your-table broth; add whatever raw vegetables, meat, seafood, and noodles you want; cook and eat. Over and over. Fixings at the buffet include super-fresh seafood (shark, catfish, Pacific oysters), meats (various cuts of chicken, beef, pork, offal) and loads of veggies and noodles. There are eight spicy and not-so-spicy broths to choose from, including Thai hot and sour (my favorite) and Ma la Chinese spicy herb broth. Come hungry, because Hot Pot City is an all-you-can-slurp enterprise.