A true surprise in the midst of the Lloyd District, the J Cafe is an oasis in a desert of bland hotels, mallrats and Blazers. A clean, small space (be wary of noontime crowds), it serves typical lunch fare with atypical fervor. Choose from J's long roster of panini, grilled wonders both gooey and fresh. The Rose City is a standout: thinly sliced black forest ham on a bed of melted Tillamook Swiss, drizzled Dijon mayonnaise adding a nice bite ($7.50). Each panino comes with mixed greens and a bag of Tim's, probably handed off to you by J himself (owner Jonathan Cross). J-goers are dressed for business, and probably talking it, too, but the bright space and cozy, fast service (not to mention the tantalizing smell of pressed panini) makes it feel like more than just an hour out of your workday.