11:30 am-3 pm and 4:30-9 pm Monday-Friday, 4:30-9:30 pm Saturday, 4:30-8:30 pm Sunday.

Its name might slightly irk the Italian-American Anti-Defamation League—frankly, it's sillier than all of Portland's puntastic Thai joints combined—but at least there's truth in its advertising. Indeed, Justa Pasta is all abouta the pasta (my Sicilian grandmother just dry-heaved in her grave). Oh, there are other items on the menu, including daily lunch specials ($6.95-$11.95) featuring panini, risotto and lasagna, but the focus is on the food on the marquee. And as goofy as the name might be, owner Roland Carfagno is a veteran pastamaker who knows his success rests on the restaurant's simplicity. Just choose a pasta (spaghetti, ravioli, linguine, fusilli), pair it with a sauce (the garlic chile oil is a favorite of regulars), grab a bottle of wine off the rack and voilà! A meal fit for the cast of Jersey Shore! (Sorry again, Grandma.) MATT SINGER.