As of late January, the sign out front and menus inside this downtown restaurant still bore the name Olé Olé. If you happened to miss the explanatory scrawl on the whiteboard when you entered, you wouldn't be able to tell your shrink that it was, in fact, La Catrina's ludicrous portions that sent you into a spiral of self-loathing so epic that you had no choice but to starve yourself back to life. It's entirely possible that La Catrina is hiding its name out of shame for even thinking to serve its Exquisita torta ($6.25), a football-sized loaf filled with crispy bacon, fried ham, greasy al pastor, creamy guacamole, barely melted American cheese and a sprinkling of cabbage that just gets in the way of the near-death experience. This is why you're fat? No. This is why you just exploded. Less daring diners should visit on a Monday or Saturday, when tacos are 99 cents—yes, life is cheap.