With Portland's hunger for Peruvian food growing ever bigger, Limo could become a favorite among foodies who like their raw fish limey, checks manageable and ambience homey. Located in the building off Northwest 23rd Place that once housed Cameo Cafe, Limo is tiny and candlelit, offering a cozy dining experience enhanced by a sprawling patio. The piqueos (tapas) menu offers delights like eggplant or beef skewers, tequeños ($8)—crisp, won ton-wrapped mozzarella served with a huancaína (spicy cheese) sauce—and a globe-spanning lineup of ceviches. The classic ceviche ($12) has a spot-on citric tang, with chilled chunks of tilapia swimming in lime and cilantro. The enticing seco ($19)—braised lamb, served atop a mound of mashed potatoes and dripping with aji mirasol, garlic and spices—is tender and delicious, like a finely crafted pot roast.