I miss my sandwich. I feel like we didn't see enough of each other. There was our initial meeting (hello, long stems of seasoned, blackened green beans, chipped Parmesan, soft-boiled egg and aioli) and then poof! It was gone. Like it never even happened. Like I never stepped foot in John Stewart's modern-take farmtown lunch counter, never stood at that counter to discuss switching my green bean sandwich's ($8) bacon relish for sherry onions, which were a purple hue absent from even the most colorful sunset. (Thank you to the cook who presented me with such an idea.) It's like the footlong, rustic roll was never in front of me, because I didn't give it much time there. Meat Cheese Bread combines local, straightforward ingredients (Neuske's smoked bacon, grilled broccolini, preserved lemon dressing) in just the way that could break me from my vegetarianism.